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Tuesday, May 28, 2013



I've been hit up by people and neighbors for the same reason. Seems like eeveryone is suspicious when you drive around taking photos. Yes it sucks because you need street signs, street "views" etc. The funny thing is because you are (or should be) in the street or your car doing such it IS perfectly legal despite cases trying to prove otherwise!

I figured out very early on just under basic intuition to not EVER photograph kids. Sure sometimes it "looks" like you are, but unless I absolutely have to because the kid is in the shot of the house, I strictly avoid it. Even then that was a 1 in 1000 rarity.

Unfortunately, people are on high alert/paranoid enough these days as is (I thank DHS partially for that crap). Any inclination you may be shooting kids, well, the above might just happen too.

I will at some point get out of the MFS industry because of all the BS and the idiocy that people display these days...so much for trying to do a job!

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