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Friday, May 17, 2013



Who cares about these nickle-and-dime, so-called "firms" anyway? I figured out years ago they aren't worth the time or effort. For every one you put on notice and spank down with a harsh dose of reality, another 1, 2 or 3 will treat you just as poorly, or you may get lucky and you will be treated, God forbid, like an actual living, breathing HUMAN BEING! You have a beef with a certain so-called "firm" that short changed you? Let them know! And you don't have to be courteous, polite, well-spoken or understanding. You probably won't get what you were after, and you'll likely not receive new work from them either. Does it matter if they're short changing you to begin with? And GOD it feels good to get the last word...

Jim Marchman

This is one place where hanging onto a client in the face of being short-changed WILL put an end to YOUR business. I'm sure that most of us, in the name of customer service or loyalty, take one for the team occasionally. I've made it a point to 'keep score' of the favors I do for my clients and the favors they do for me. A good business deal is when everyone involved gets what they want. No amount of money is worth being taken advantage of.


Unfortunately, if I "argue" then I get no more properties.

Dave Barton

Many Field Service Firms think they have a GOD given right to make unreasonable demands on your time, and raising your cost,while paying you in chicken feed. I long ago proved to myself that you are much better off cutting ALL ties to people of this ilk. They have no concern for your survival in the business.
Remember, the cheapest guy is the first one out of business. Don't let them build their business on your bones.

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