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Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Rick Wright

When I was in my stupid years and did a few mortgage inspections I constantly got my submissions rejected and unpaid even though I showed visual proof of no trespass and no access.After my refusal to inspect those properties I discovered that two of companies I worked for had been sending fraudulent information on properties for more than a year. So long mortgage inspections.


The banks try to make it out under the mortgage agreement that usually they have a "right to inspect." Of course that falls under the wording of such.

Regardless, when a HO calls the cops when you are on the property and then wants to press charges, you and the police typically have to hash it out in the end. Maybe not right then and there (although you will be delayed spending time at the property), but it will cost you a lot of time and trouble.

Was there once. Explained my side to the officer over the phone and never heard back; presumably the charges were dropped/never pursued once they explained things to the homeowner. Regardless, until I moved out of the area, I never stepped foot on the property again.

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