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Saturday, October 13, 2012



We did ad that same come to Jesus all with someone at a convention we went to a few years ago in Orlando Florida, at the disney world resort 2007 , there we saw the light and become enlightened to the bigger and players in the industry , from there were ever so grateful for that person whom invited us to the convention where we were able to network, and talk to others about what we do , and also to see, meet and get to know the people whom we would always deal with on the phone or email.

So I would make the suggestion to anyone wanting to increase there business opportunities, is that try to attend one of these convention/ conference if there in your area or try to go to one, there business and life changing events because of whom you get to rub shoulders with and also get to meet people whom can make things happen, and show the, what you do for services , IF any one is wanting to go or wanting to know when those events happen please IM me or email me, we can give some pointers on what you need to do to prepare yourselves and what to bring, ( not entire or shoes, etc..) business portfolios, samples of reports, letters of recommendation from other clients , just as if you we're going to a job interview. Dress to impress and always be prepared and to think on your toes.

So anyways , again Bob or anyone that is specializing in the industry cheers and to you that are planning to do so, network with others, be open to feed back, be willing to be educated ( leave the know it all attitude at the door, or the guy pride) advertise, have at least a 5 year plan on where you want to in five years, take time or yourselves, your families, and also give back to the community and help others.


Great job Bob , that's the way to do it, be a master and not a be ,"Bob of all trades," be Master Bob. When you specialize you tend to attract better clients that pay a higher rate of pay, like doctors, lawyers, any professionals that just specialize and become "masters" then clients tend to recognize that. Great job Bob!

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