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Monday, October 01, 2012



And whom is asking for these requirements? Seems interesting that these articles come to surface, but the sources can never be validated or ever be disclosed, why is that I wonder? Anyone have an idea why? Sources or companies names ever are disclosed or provided or proof. Richard please enlighten us some or whom ever is submitting these postings that names can be used so that people steer away from some of these ridiculous firms, my guess must be the firms insurance companies require it, just as pizza delivery companies that use there employees own transportation to have types, makes and models, I know on a pizza place that we preformed the risk assessment, on the form required one my reps to obtain and check there delivery services and audit the books for compliance that the owner operators carry there own insurance and get paid .37 cents a mile and pool all they're tips at the end of week and divide it out among the drivers and this as a very large chain( Pizza Hut or domino's) just making its way here out in the great west. Sounds interesting,thou just wish there was more intel in regards to whom, what, where, and why.

Thanks for the FYI!

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