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Saturday, September 29, 2012



Totally agree with you both, there are too many inspectors so its an inspector market for vendors right now, joe blow from cocamo can get a job with no experience , if they have a car, internet, digital camera , you got a job, with little or no training, work 10-12 hrs a day , be a vendor managers goofier, meaning go it for me and I'll give a few bucks, won't tell you how far it is, or what it's for and by the way you need commercial liability insurance so we can sue if you make a mistake, clean out an occupied house, etc.. But hay you got a J.O.B.( just over broke) and we won't tell you we have already have backups in place just in case you flake out, and also the people at Walmart and McDonald's will make more money sometimes then you will a month , besides the point we have a 300-500 orders can you complete them in 3 days and will pay 3.00 per each one. Sounds familiar story? Then your in the mortgage verification business. 8 years ago we were getting 20-25.00 a job, 2 years into we had a come Jesus talk and saw the bigger, brighter future , and the undiscovered country of the better field services.


Do they really think they are still getting the quality of work we have been doing for the last 15yrs or more. Then a company that you have been working with for 8 plus yrs says that if you want more work you have to lower your fees, whats up with that!

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