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Monday, August 20, 2012


Ann Hawkins

Hi I am very new to this industry, I am ready to work more than qualified for the job...please forward me an email and advise where I can get the information on those companies who are hiring or what key words to use while researching on the internet for this type of work. my email is joannhawkins21@gmail.com


Alan and Kathy you can email us at Griffinsecurityservices@gmail.com and someone or one of the interns at the office can get you pointed in the right direction.

Alan Scott

Hi James and Ray, thank you for the wonderful insight.. my wife and I are fairly new to the industry and was wondering if you had any contacts or advice on obtaining field inspection work in the northern California area...we have contacted many companies but things are kind of slow...any help would be appreciated! Thanks
..Alan and Kathy@ AK Field Inspections

rybert james

hi jim thanks for the information , i would appreciate the names of some of these companies that
hires to deliver letters.in florida especialy
south florida
rybert james

Tom Masengale

I have a full time job that consists of working Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and generally half of Wednesday, allowing me three and a half days off. I am trying to crack into this field and am concerned. I listed a resume on the SOFI site and have been contacted by several companies. While knowing few specifics about the industry I wonder if the companies who have contacted me are the type of companies for whom I would like to work. Some of the requests make me a little uneasy.
I would love to be able to pick he brain of someone in the industry.
My email is trmfieldservices@hotmail.com


Jake Beckham

Thank you for the replies. Sorry I had not responded. I had not gone back on here and didn't realize anyone had posted anything. I thought I would get an automated email advising me there was a response.

My email is dfwfieldservices@hotmail.com if you want to send me an email with some info. I would certainly appreciate it. I think I would love this business if I can just get my foot in the door with the right companies. So far I'm just spinning my wheels.

Thanks again,

Jake Beckham

Jim Marchman

I would suggest finding companies that do "letter delivery" work. They pay well and the work is easy. I will send you the names of some I know are good to work with if you'll email your

Jim Marchman

I went full-time when my commission-only pay went from $1000/week net to $300/week net. I spent many years being self-employed in a service industry until I burned out. "My" new company is now matching what I earned at the peak of my commission-only job. I was'nt lazy, I put in 60+ hours a week, I just wasn't working smart. I thank God and free enterprise for this work. Richard, Dorann and Sofi have been life-savers for me. If you will follow Richard's advice AND think like a business-person you CAN succeed at this.
I find the keys to success are being able to think logically, have a good work ethic, set goals, use common sense, and get advanced training to help you along. SOFI will point you the right way if you have the forementioned qualities.


Jake, the answer to your question is, just goggle Commercial insurance inspections and you should be able ro find something or buy Richards books, there full of useful information on where to look, etc... i will warn you, because of the recent changes and regulations and of cource requirements of field reps, more are moving into the commercial insurance industry, one its a better line of work, people love when they see youbecause your going to make a difference and your option counts, plus its all weekday banker hours, maybe a weekend a Saturday but very rare, paid anywhere from $30.00-50.00 a hour, 1.00 a mile , outside your coverage territory, sometimes paid trainings and conferences. The highvalue insurance client we have, they send my self and family too, a yearly trip back to there home corporate world office in London,England for a week long trip , paid vacations for being error report free and submitted work ontime or sameday, etc... there are greener pastures besides the mortgage verfication side, which less pay, long hours, no rewards, grumpy Vendors, Email me if you need further assistance, glad to help or network with you or anyone out there.


Richard, you keep mentioning doing commercial inspections for the higher quality firms. I'm retired and just getting my feet on the ground with field services to supplement Social Security. I don't want to do property preservation work or $3 drive by inspections. Can you give me more information on what types of firms I need to be contacting that use commercial inspectors? I have contacted close to 100 "field service" providers and have yet to locate anyone looking for "commercial inspectors". Some of them mention it but they never seem to have any jobs. I keep getting offers for "door knock" jobs going out after hours to try and make contact with past due borrowers and drive by inspections that obviously are a loosing proposition. Help!

Thank you!


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