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Saturday, April 28, 2012


James B

Afternoon sir, agreed, very impressive, and thanks for service. My father was a navy man also , years back,..ALMOST visited Pacific Theatre,had deployment paperwork, however, did not get chance. (RIP).

My company provides hands-feet-eyes, on ground, up here on Cape Cod, in Barnstable County. It's a small outfit, providing service for a little over a decade. We take on additional inpsection research work every year, to supplement all of our shcedules, including & especially myself. A possible common acquaintence of an acquaintence, etc, etc, advised that it's at least worth a conversation to reach out.
Enjoy the day sir.

James B - Principle
Righteous Appraisal-Inspection-Title Co.
Barnstable-Plymouth-Bristol Counties
Registered W/Ma Bankruptcy Court (Id # 14587)
Cape Cod 508-367-8132 / [email protected]

Barbara Olsen

Hi Richard,
Enjoy reading all your blogs and posts. Thank you for all you do! You are appreciated.

Thank you for your service. You are a very talented man who wears many hats.

Joe Novak

Very impressive. You were a very busy man serving the greatest country in the world. Thank you for your service. Richard with your background, I'm curious, are you an amateur radio operator?

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