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Monday, January 02, 2012



An update of a vendors list needs to be updated and information needs to be validated, because most of the companies that get mentoned on this blog seem to be playing to a different toon then they did before, thats probably because of the too many players in the games, I keep hearing this same tone being sound all across the board, but thats sometimes be interpreted as hiersay or as we say old scuttlebutt talk. Also heard from various reps that now the lenders are out sourcing to Fedex and UPS because of the fact that people get all excited over getting something delived by FEDEX or UPS, also a signature is included with proof of delivery, and some of the drivers are now carrying cameras to do the before and after photos, in our area each UPS and FEDEX driver has to bid for there area once a year, so the fastest and best delivery drivers of cource gets to the pick of there own routes in which most of them pick there surrounding neighborhoods makes since, but thats what one of the FEDEX driver told me they were doing now.


More and more companies are going this way lately, GPS, NCCI, just to name a few and of cource sandcastle seem to be heading this way now, you want more, they find someone else, as one person rep stated," work is work," it needs to be done and completed regardless, go get it done!" that was a qoute for a vendor a few months ago when we made a appoit for a better fee because of the time and drive time.

Denise Gouldner Bartolotti

I do driveby inspections for Sandcastle Field Services and they pay only 7.00. If I ask for more most times they just reassign the job.

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